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Otego Media is a Consortium of market leaders in OOH media. The member institutions of the Consortium are Mahaka Advertising, AMG, and VGI Global Media. Otego media’s partners have a combined experienced of more than 80 years in OOH advertising.

We provide a platform that connect brands to their target audiences, as they live their lives. We can deliver impact and creativity to the OOH medium.

PT. Mahaka Visual Integra

Mahaka Advertising is a business unit under PT. Mahaka Visual Integra (MAVI) which is engaged in providing comprehensive outdoor media services in the form of both conventional Billboard outdoor and digital media in the form of LED / Videotron. Mahaka Advertising handles aspects ranging from licensing, building billboards, visual material printing and digital outdoor media graphic engineering.

Alternative Media Group

The pioneer and the largest DOOH Media in Indonesia that established the business on digital based media in commercial places. We offer a variety of solutions to deliver messages to the targeted urban viewers via several wholly-owned subsidiaries.

VGI Global Media

VGI is a unique market leader with exclusive access to behavioral data from our advertising, payment and logistics platforms. We turn data to meaningful consumer insight, enabling us to offer Offline-to-Online (O2O) Solutions. To provide a better customer experience, we help brands to navigate their customers at every stage of the purchasing process.

We are front and center in the places where people travel: the transit hubs of the newest transportation in Jakarta: the MRT.

We understand commuters make the same journey daily, and they interact everyday with the advertisement within 20 minutes on average.

We are leveraging new technology to make OOH more relevant, responsive, and rewarding.

Our Vision

"To be the market leader in out-of-home advertising, specializing in the transportation arena"



The construction of phase 1 of the Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train project starting on October 10, 2013. It was marked by the laying of the first stone by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who at that time was still the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province. In this corridor 1, a 16-kilometer railway line has been built covering 10 kilometers of elevated lines and six kilometers of underground lines. The seven elevated stations are Lebak Bulus (where the Depo located), Fatmawati, Cipete Raya, Haji Nawi, Blok A, Blok M, and Asean. Whereas the six underground stations start from Senayan, Istora, Bendungan Hilir, Setiabudi, Dukuh Atas, and Bundaran HI.

One of the goals of PT MRT Jakarta is to develop and manage the business in the stations, and the station area & its surroundings (as well as the Depo & its surroundings). The development and management rights are part of an effort to get revenue besides from the passenger tickets (non-fare box revenue / NFB) so that the financing of the Jakarta MRT does not only rely on subsidies and ticket sales. One form of NFB’s business is in the advertising sector, which has the potential to be developed in areas along the Jakarta MRT train line.

For this reason, PT MRT Jakarta has set Otego Media as the Strategic Partner of advertising services provider in the operational area of ​​the Jakarta MRT Phase 1. The cooperation will last for the next 20 years. Otego Media will be partners of PT MRT Jakarta in managing aspects of advertising in the Jakarta MRT area in phase 1, including in the station area and the rolling stock / train.


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