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Pahala Sigiro

09 February 2022

Idolizing the famous shows a healthy sign of youth. Fans tends to give their everything such as screams, laughter, energy, joy, sadness, for a person or a group that they cherish the most. This connection between fans and their idols is so strong that it sometimes reverberates around the world.

Each generation has its own favourite idol; back in the 80’s, we had New Kids On The Block’s, in the 90’s  MTV era we were bombarded by Backstreet Boys and N’sync, and now it’s all about the Korean wave. As the world is better connected, there are many avenues for us to celebrate our devotion. This is proven by the large number of OOH media displayed.

This genuine connection between fans and their idols is what marketers love. To establish a deep emotional relation between customers with their brand.

BTS Anniversary display on OOH media (Image source: Movia.Media)


In general, artists, band members, and celebrities have been using the OOH advertising platform to interact with fans by announcing upcoming events and creating a buzz in promoting around their product launches.

Now the reverse is also happening.  Fans started using OOH advertising to gain the attention of large groups of people and their idols, hoping that their voices can be heard in a more impactful way. We have seen many fan-generated contents; where fans commissioned campaign themselves, showing devotion, support, and love for their idols.

OOH has been a choice because of standout and it can reach the masses with its presence that could drive both offline and online conversation.

The fan culture is impressive. There are thousands of diverse fan clubs, from actor or actress, singers, band, comedians, sport clubs, and athletes. These communities follow their object of devotion and love celebrating everything about their idols, from birthdays to achievements and anniversaries.

Their message is always clear, and they want people to recognize, acknowledge, and celebrate with them.

Kim Seon Ho fans (Imseonhohada) Ads at Menara Sudirman

Celebrating the actor’s success of winning an award  (Image source: kilat.com)


One of the many ways fans celebrate their devotion is by booking an advertising space using the funds collected by crowdfunding from fans around the network.

OOH has come into the consideration due to its ability to raise awareness significantly. The mass reach and unmissable delivery of OOH campaign helps to increase the influence of their idols, helping fans share their strong enthusiasm.

Their idols, at the same time also benefit from this campaign because it helps to generate awareness and fame to a larger audience and increase the level of engagement and loyalty of their existing fans.

Meanwhile, the campaign would also benefits other brands that advertise at the same location or spot since there are numbers of fans waiting for their idols appearance on the screen, hence they would see the advertisement brands that appears on the same spot.


What’s interesting is that as OOH is the medium of choice for fans, it creates an unmissable statement, it allows fans to put their devotion out in the open by elevating their idols on an international level, far from the country they are based in. The message is further accelerated as fans sharing their excitement on social media where they even receive thanks from the stars themselves.

Now, booking OOH is not only for advertisers and media agencies. It appears that this medium (platform) is another fun, exciting, and memorable way in delivering the message for all. And it appears that the OOH has its own fan club among its own audience! And we love it.

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